Frequently Asked


Who should take the Masters of Men’s Grooming?

This certificate training program is for the licensed, experienced stylist or barber dedicated to building their men’s business.

What are the prerequisites?

You must be a licensed professional with at least 1 year of experience in a salon environment, preferably with some experience in men’s hair specifically.

I want to become a Master of Men’s Grooming. Will this be too advanced for me?

The Masters of Men’s Grooming offers foundational knowledge as well as more advanced instruction on the individual Modern Classics Haircuts. In addition to learning how to plan and execute these haircuts, you will have to opportunity to have your work evaluated by a member of our education team.

I own a salon with several stylists. Can we all become certified?

Of course. Every stylist would just have to take the Masters of Men’s Grooming course individually.

Is Menswork™ Online available in my country?

The Menswork™ Online program is available internationally.

What are the lessons like?

The lessons are innovative and engaging. Each lesson has been custom designed to meet the needs and schedules of American Crew stylists. Recorded haircuts, interactive questions have all been incorporated to Menswork™ Online to provide an immersive online experience.

How will my work be evaluated?

Participants will be evaluated through a series of “retention” and knowledge checks, a formal exam, and a series of photos submitted once hands-on segments are completed.

How will I be notified that my work has been evaluated?

You will receive a new message notification over your username in the American Crew Education portal. You can then view this evaluation on your My Work page.

Will I be able to read along with the video lessons?

The videos include audio and captioned text so you can choose to listen to the audio while you read the audio script on the screen.

When I finish the course, will I still have access to the resource materials?

Absolutely. You can re-launch a finished course at any time and access the resource documents and videos.

Where can I get more information on American Crew Products?
Are there coupons available to purchase courses?

From time to time there will be available coupons and other promotional discounts.

What are the minimum browser requirements for the course?

Supported Browsers: Chrome 51 (PC and Mac); Firefox 47 (PC and Mac); Safari 9 (Mac); Internet Explorer 11 (PC). Keep in mind that your version of Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer depends on your device's operating system. Browser add-ons, extensions, or compatibility-mode settings might interfere with functionality.

Can I take the class on a tablet instead of a computer?

Yes. The class can be taken on Apple tablets with an OS 9 or higher and Android tablets running Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher. The class is not optimized for mobile phones or mobile devices with resolutions below 1012 x 650.

Since this is online, what kind of internet connection do I need?

A high-speed internet connection is recommended. Low bandwidth can cause slow load times and overall audio, video, and general screen rendering and performance issues.

Does this program require speakers or headphones?

Yes. This course and its related videos contain audio. Headphones or speakers are required for audio output.

Still have more questions or comments?

Feel free to contact us through the link below.